Who We Are




SFI HVAC Professionals LLC believes in the value of trust. No customer should have to overpay for their HVAC equipment and installation, nor should they be worried about potential scams and poor-quality labor. Though HVAC equipment can be one of the largest investments for home and business owners, outrageous installation and equipment fees are a red flag. Avoid making costly decisions by choosing the right company from the start.

SFI cultivates trust with its customers through fair pricing, transparent installation practices and labor warranties that help guarantee the quality of our work. SFI conducts a free assessment of your equipment, determines the best solution for your needs and offers multiple pricing options to match your budget. The price is for our turn-key service which includes purchasing equipment and handling permits, for installation and inspection. As an added comfort, SFI’s unique labor warranty promises customer satisfaction on needs that arise even after the job is complete.

Additionally, SFI promises not to up-sell you on unnecessary parts and repairs and we will match the lowest estimate you receive from any vendor provided that the equipment and work being completed is the same as ours.

We are your local 5 Star Specialist


 SFI provides the best maintenance plan to keep equipment running efficiently.



Whether you need a commercial air conditioning system for a new building, updates to an existing HVAC system, or even simple maintenance.


SFI provides HVAC installation and service to local and federal government facilities. See our federal profile for more info.


The air we breathe is critical to our everyday life. Especially as a business owner, the health, and well-being of your employees is always a factor in productivity, positivity, and comfort in the workplace. For this reason, the heating and air conditioning systems used in these settings will play an important role in the success of the operation and the status of your workers.

Keeping this in mind, SFI provides reliable and affordable HVAC service solutions for all our industrial and commercial clients. Our installation and repair process for air conditioning units and heating systems is guided by the most qualified technicians who understand your needs and promote customer satisfaction.

If you’re experiencing an unfortunate HVAC breakdown, SFI has service and labor plans that offer unlimited service calls so you only have to pay for the parts that need replacing. In this way, you are guaranteed quality service, and whatever materials we don’t use, you don’t pay for.

Backed by years of hands-on experience and expert training, our staff has one sole focus when it comes to HVAC repair and services—making OUR customers happy. That is why we offer transparent, upfront maintenance plans, service charges, and repair work; we want to be sure that you receive quality work that you can believe in and rely on.

What you can expect

  • 100% Self-Performing Contractors
  • Master HVAC Licensing
  • Up to 5 Year Labor Warranties
  • TrunKey HVAC Solutions
  • Professional Uniformed Employees
  • BBB – A Rating
  • FEDLINKS – Federal Vendor
  • MWBE Certified
  • HVAC Incentive Application Processing
  • Energy Consumption Audits
  • ISN Connect