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*No overtime fees on emergency service for our maintenance customers.


We promise to always be considerate, honest and sincere with our customers. Additionally, our 5 year-extended labor warranty is proof that we want to give the best service the first time.


Truck GPS, paperless invoicing, instant proposals, and detailed energy reports.


Should you need brand new equipment, we can walk you through every step of the process. Here are some reasons why folks turn to our HVAC contractors for heating and cooling systems:

Customized design

We look at every aspect of your system analyzing energy efficiency, indoor air quality, size and building requirements as well as your staffs working environment. Prior to making any recommendations, repairs, or installation, we fully diagnose all potential issues and prepare estimation accordingly.

Professional installation

New HVAC systems are always an investment, that’s why you must be sure you are getting the right equipment and have the right installer for the job. SFI’s technicians are trained to provide advanced service options for optimal efficiency and reliability. We believe that our customers deserve a hassle-free installation.

Extended warranties / maintenance

Not only do customers receive the manufacturer’s warranty, but also SFI’s low-cost extended warranty and maintenance plans.
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